Nut Meat (Raw, Vegan)

Nut meat with walnuts and baby Bella mushrooms

Nut meat with walnuts and baby Bella mushrooms

I should start by saying that I am generally not a fan of making vegan products resemble animal products. But I do miss having something other than salads, veggies and fruit for dinner all the time. Sometimes you just want something fuller, right? Vegan and vegetarian patties are a good substitute, but many of them use rice as their base and include products like corn, which I prefer not to eat. So when I stumbled on some recipes for nut meat, I was intrigued.

This is a modified recipe from the Nouveau Raw blog, which by the way, is one of the most informative raw websites out there today. It has a lot of great information on preparation, tools and techniques, and I often reference it’s pages when I’m doing things like soaking, making butters, and making flours.

Nouveau Raw’s Raw  Ground Nutburger with Substutions

My Ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup sunflower seeds (I did not soak and dehydrate them)
  • 2 garlic cloves (I sliced these and let the dehydrator dice for me)
  • 1/8 small onion
  • 2 tsps of Bragg’s (soy sauce replacement)
  • 2 cups baby Bellas
  • 1 cup soaked walnuts

Note: This recipe is great all by itself, but you can also put it in fresh bell peppers, or use lettuce as a wrap. Putting the nut meat in the dehydrator makes the meat have a drier texture, so it would prefer it more moist, then no need to put it in the dehydrator.


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